E-bikes are the new cars- why don’t transport policy makers treat them seriously?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 | tedla55p | 3 Comments

Caroline Shaw, Anja Mizdrak

E-bikes are everywhere. Sales are booming and predicted to overtake sales of new cars in a few years. There were three times as many e-bikes and e-scooters imported into NZ in 2019 alone as there are e-cars in the entire country. You can’t go out in the city these days without seeing people having fun zipping past on their e-bikes.

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Walking and cycling for transport is good for physical activity levels in Kiwis!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 | dayhi34p | 1 Comment

Dr Caroline Shaw

Physical activity is good for health. Higher levels of physical activity are associated with reduced rates of breast and colon cancer, better mental health, lower obesity rates, lower heart disease, stroke (the list goes on). This blog looks at a new study we just published that found that New Zealanders who walk or cycle to their main activity each day have a 76% higher chance of achieving the Ministry of Health physical activity guidelines than those who drive cars.

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Cycling and walking in six NZ cities: Where are we at?

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 | Kate Sloane | 3 Comments

Dr Caroline Shaw, Dr Marie Russell

Figure 1 On-road cycle lane Wellington. Photo credit: Jenny Ombler

Figure 1 On-road cycle lane Wellington.
Photo credit: Jenny Ombler

Active transport is important for health and sustainability. But no one has previously looked systematically at how NZ cities support cycling and walking. Therefore, a new study has been performed and is now published online. This blog reports its main findings.

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