Solar Science vs The Economy

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There is an expectation (hope) from many that science will provide  a technological solution to many if not all of the world’s big problems, whether it be  global warming, world food demands, disease, world energy demands.Man installing solar panels on roof

However, developing a technological  solution is only half the battle. The adoption of  that technology has  to be compatible with our current economic model(s).  This is no more evident right now than in the field of solar power where providers are being taxed  for adopting   the new cleaner , greener, more `sustainable’ form of power generation.  It’s been happening overseas for some time now in countries like Spain, Germany and some states in USA and  hits the headlines here in NZ in the last couple of weeks.

What is the reasoning for these new taxes? Are they justified? What are the implications if they are? What do we do if they are not?

Below are 5 links to articles to help you make your own mind up.

Link 1 From Reuters News will give you an overview of what is going on overseas.
Links 2 is from the NZ Green Party
Link 3  is from Greenpeace
Links 4 is from National Business Review
Link 5 from  NZ HERALD

Have a read and make up your own minds

Is there a problem with the technology at play, our  economic model, or both? How might we address the issues?

Would love  to hear your feedback


  1. Taxes, fees: the worldwide battle between utilities and solar
  2. Price rises no joke for solar and electricity customers
  3. Tax on solar and batteries shocks industry, green and consumer groups
  4. Regulator takes issue with penalty charge for solar power
  5. Charged reaction to Unison solar fee

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