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By now you will all be well into the research phase of your science communication projects for presenting at the July camp.  Here are a couple of blog posts from previous years that you may find useful. With so much `stuff’ out there on the web evaluating your sources is a good skill to learn. There is a good link in the posts below to a short  Otago University online course  on how to evaluate websites.

Good luck with your research and be careful not to go too far `down the rabbit hole’  and end up with what my MSc supervisor called `information narcosis’ – so much background information on your topic  it’s overwhelming!   Start  jotting down key points you want to mention  AS you do your research reading .Get a base script down as soon as possible after brief initial research stint and  research only what you need to fill the gaps, better explain and  illustrate the key message (theme)  of  your talk, podcast, film, display.

Setting off on a Treasure Hunt: Researching for a talk, film, podcast

July Science Talks: Knowing your Material


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