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Hi OUASSA Students,

Just a reminder that your My Synthesis note in Knowledge Forum is due by Friday of this week (the 25th of May).  This is a compulsory task for you all to complete.

The Marine Science Group are leading the charge with some really well written notes.  Have a read of these and you may find that you could use some of them as a guideline to compose your own Synthesis note i.e. they give you an idea of what is required and provide a good starting point for building your own note.  Likewise, the Maths Group have also got the ball rolling and have made some great contributions.  Well done guys!

If you are yet to do your My Synthesis note – please make sure you set aside some time to do so before Friday.

If you need help – or are struggling with the KF programme or access then please email me directly.

All details of the task required have been sent to your personal email and are also in KF itself.

Kind regards,


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