July Camp Update

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Well OUASSA students, the July camp is rapidly approaching and we are getting very excited to be hosting you at Otago University again.

You will soon recieve (via email) a copy of the Student Handbook with the final details regarding the July Camp.  Included in this information will be the final copy of the timetable as well as all of the important things you will need to remember to pack.

Please take the time to read the information regarding your project options eg if you do Geography you will see that you will need to find your handout from the January camp. If you do Zoology, Marine Science or Geography you will see that you will have a field component to your projects and will have to bring extra warm clothes/wet weather gear etc.

You will all also need to find and bring with you your clean OUASSA t-shirt.

Remember is you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at OUASSA@otago.ac.nz.

Kind regards and keep warm!


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