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The ability to search the internet efficiently and effectively  to target the information you need is a skill worth developing.  The tips in the links below will help you develop good search techniques.

  1. How to use search like a pro: 10 tips and tricks for Google and beyond


  1. Digital content — finding, evaluating, using and creating it

See the first 2 sections on:

    • How to find quality digital content
    • How to evaluate digital content
  1.  Online Research Skills for High School Students: Tips and Strategies: TPL Teens

From Toronto Public library in Canada this site has lots of good advice and the short  2-4min vid clips are worth a look if prefer a video demo

Online Verification Skills Series: Mike Caulfield

 Video 1: Introductory Video (3min 13)

          Video 2: Investigate the Source (2min 44)

Video 3: Find the Original Source (1min 33)

Video 4: Look for Trusted Work (4min 10)


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