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Dear OUASSA students

Knowledge Forum:  We have just completed another round of statistics analysis based on the work you are doing in Knowledge Forum. The good news is that some of you are making a genuine effort to involve yourselves in the on-line discussions either by providing interesting notes, building-on and/or annotating the notes of others. However, there are quite a few of you  who are not meeting  the commitment of just 1 post per week. If you are having technical difficulties getting into Knowledge Forum  you need to let us know right away so we can try fix it from this end.

There are a number of different views that you can be contributing.  Primarily the focus for you should be on building up project related discussions based in your Project A groups (Marine Science, Zoology, Physics and Maths).

Towards the end of May we will be asking each of you to synthesise  your Project A discussions in a Synthesis Post. In this post you will identify the knowledge built for you from the discussion.   So you have approximately 4 weeks to get yourselves involved!  We will provide the instructions for this task soon.

Don’t forget, there are also views on the main curriculum areas (biology, Chemistry and Physics) where you can find Achievement Objectives, ask questions, request help etc and we will gladly support you.  The introductory exercise views on three world problems are still up and running and actively being contributed to be some of you. And there are two more recent views on Knowledge Building and Knowledge Forum Support. You are free to contribute to any or all of these views.

Please remember that the expectation we have of you is one contribution per week! That equates to about 20-30mins input.


OUASSA Resource Site:  This is a dynamic site that offers useful resources and links to all things Science related.  We recently had some pleasing feedback stating how great the site has been for a Year 13 student and how it will be his go-to site for Year 13 curriculum support. It is hoped that you are utilising this resource also. Your feedback would be appreciated.  https://blogs.otago.ac.nz/ouassa/ 

Medical Information:  As requested via email: please be sure to send Kate details of any medical conditions you have. If  none, you still need to reply with your Doctor`s name and contact telephone number.  This information is important for our Health and Safety responsibilities while you are in our care in July.  It is treated as confidential.

Travel Bookings:  There are just 5 students left yet to confirm their travel bookings through Kylie at Orbit House of Travel.  If you have not had a FINAL itinerary that you have accepted from Kylie you will need to check your emails and reply to her or email Kate directly at ouassa@otago.ac.nz.

Any other requests or questions, we are here to help so please don’t hesitate to email us.

Kind regards,



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