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At the Light Activated Biomaterials (LAB) research group, we design and develop new biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Our core interest lies in the use of light to control biomaterials architecture, which subsequently affect cellular function. 

We are extremely fortunate to work in this exciting field that interfaces between biomaterials, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and biofabrication. We see biomaterials being the foundation and core of many other disciplines. For instance, biomaterials are pivotal and essential as bioinks in the field of biofabrication/3D bioprinting. Biomaterials are required to be able to provide the essential cues and signals for cells in the field of regenerative medicine. Biomaterials are the underlying platform technology to allow spatial control over mechanical cues presented to cells in the field of mechanobiology. As such, we are dedicated and committed to contribute to the integration of biomaterials in these other fields, through partnership and collaboration.

We are an interdisciplinary group with national and international members of different training background. We work together with a common goal to advance science to achieve better translational healthcare outcome. We  tend to have fun inside and outside the laboratory, lift each other up, and most importantly, be nice to each other always.