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We collaborate with a number of national and international leading research groups on our projects.

Thanks heaps to all our collaborators for contributing to the successes of our projects so far!

  1. University of Auckland – Professor Jillian Cornish
  2. University of Auckland – Dr David Musson
  3. University of Otago Christchurch, Mackenzie Cancer Research Group (MCRG) – Associate Professor Margaret Currie, Dr Elisabeth Phillips
  4. University of Otago – Professor James Crowley
  5. University of Otago – Dr Lyn Wise
  6. University of Otago – Dr Andrew Clarkson
  7. University of Otago – Associate Professor Dawn Coates
  8. University of Otago – Professor Warwick Duncan
  9. Canterbury District Health Board – Dr David Kieser
  10. Harvard Medical School – Professor Yu Shrike Zhang
  11. Pohang University of Science and Technology – Professor Jinah Jang
  12. University of Sydney, Australia – Dr Behnam Akhavan
  13. University of New South Wales, Australia – Associate Professor Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina
  14. University of Western Australia, Australia – Dr Yu Suk Choi
  15. Wuerzburg University, Germany – Professor Jürgen Groll
  16. Heriott-Watt University, Scotland – Associate Professor Ferry Melchels
  17. University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands – Professor Jos Malda
  18. University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands – Associate Professor Debby Gawlitta
  19. University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands – Associate Professor Riccardo Levato