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Project Completion Form

A. Project Details

PI Name:*
Project Title:*
Project End Date:*

B. Summary of Research Project Activities Undertaken

B.1 Project aims/objectives


B.2 What was achieved?


B.3 Please list below any publications, communications and presentations which have arisen from this work and where DNCRC was acknowledged.


B.4 Have there been any other outcomes from this study, for example student or researcher development, student completion or impact on practice?

Other outcomes:*

B.5 Please list below any grant applications which have arisen from this project or DNCRC samples were used for an application.

Funding Applications

B.6 Please describe any reports, oral or written, prepared for community groups, patients, iwi, advocacy groups, etc, summarising outcomes from this research. Please also include any media reports (with links) describing the research from the samples used for this application.