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DNCRC logos

In 2022 the Dunedin Colorectal Cohort was lucky enough to participate as a client in the Otago Polytechnic Design programme, where a group of very talented students created a logo for the cohort.

If you would like to acknowledge the DNCRC in your presentations or publications, please use the high resolution logo images linked below:

As per the request from the designer, please follow their usage guidelines:

“For best practice do not alter or distort the logos and brandmarks in any way. Any change, large or small, alters the impact and consistency of your brand and logo. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t alter colours
  • Don’t rotate, tilt or skew
  • Don’t alter spacing within logo
  • Don’t add effects e.g. glow”

If you do acknowledge the DNCRC in a presentation or publication, we’d love to her about it!  Please email with the details – it is really useful in helping us to demonstrate the impact that the cohort is having.