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Dunedin Colorectal Cohort data and biospecimen request form

Aotearoa New Zealand has amongst the highest incidence and mortality from colorectal cancer in the world. The Dunedin Colorectal Cohort was established in the 1990s to facilitate research into the development and spread of cancer and includes biospecimens and clinical information gifted to the cohort by people with colorectal cancer for this purpose. 

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Sections I-III – please limit to 500 words

I. Background, hypothesis and project goal:*
II. Methods including data and biospecimens requested, power calculation and/or justification for sample number and timeline:*
III. Expected impact:*

Note – it is expected that the DNCRC will be acknowledged in any publications/presentations.

IV. Expected outputs and plan for reporting: *
V. Fit with Dunedin Colorectal Cohort aims:*
VI. Confirmation of ethical approval - please provide approval number/s: *
VII. Compliance and Safety*
Describe the processes for management of any incidental findings that may be identified as part of this project.*
Peer review:*
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