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Styles will save you more time than any other feature.

Apply these and make all your formatting changes in one place. Use style sets to re-use on different documents and machines


A style is a named group of text and paragraph formatting that you can save and re-use in this document and others.

By default, all text in a document is set to Normal unless you apply a different one.  Using styles with different names helps you to recognise and re-apply the different formatting.

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Normal – body paragraphs

All your text is styled as Normal in Word. And in fact, all other styles are based on it. When you modify Normal, you can change all your thesis body paragraphs to use your own font and paragraph settings.

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Heading styles for heading levels

Use the built-in heading styles and modify them to look the way you want. They are pre-loaded with very useful features, one of which being that they show up in the Navigation Pane.

Applying and modifying heading styles

Style separator (optional)

By default, your entire heading will appear in the Table of Contents. But you can use a style separator to place only the beginning of your heading in the Table of Contents. NOTE: Most people will not need this.

Numbered headings

Format numbering

Remove numbering

Some headings (Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, etc.) need to be set to Heading One, but without numbering. Or if you find you shouldn’t have used numbered headings at all, you can also remove all of them.

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Style Sets (to re-use in multiple documents)

Create the styles in one document, and save them to the machine so you can re-use them in your other chapters.

If you need to make a change, edit a style, re-save the style set, and re-apply it in the other documents to over-ride the previous settings.

NOTE: This is very useful for everyone, but crucial for people using numbered heading styles.