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Figures & footnotes


Copy and paste in charts from Excel, or paste charts as pictures. Pasting in a chart as a picture means you can’t edit it, but you can rotate it and display it as landscape.

If you copy and pates, it is strongly recommended you leave it set to Link to Data as Embed Workbook takes a copy of your Excel workbook and embeds it in the document. Embedding large notebooks can make your document too big and unstable.

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Images should be centred, with captions left-aligned below them. If you like, you can also add labels to them, or put them in a table to display images side by side.

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Tables should be left-aligned and set to AutoFit Window. If they are very small, you can centre them and set to AutoFit Contents. Captions are left-aligned above them.

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Once you have created a figure in your document (a chart, image, equation or table), you need to add a caption to it – this goes into your List of figures or List of Tables.

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A footnote consists of two parts: a footnote reference (1) which appears in the document and the footnote text which appears at the bottom of the same page.

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Finding objects in document

Use this feature to quickly browse through and find graphics, footnotes, tables, etc. in your document

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