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Format & align text

Text formatting and Format Painter

If you format text directly in the document, you only change it in that one location.

Note: If you use a style and modify that instead, all text using that style is modified. For instructions, see the Styles page.

However, if you just want to format a specific bit of text or a paragraph, you can do that via the Font and Paragraph settings in the Home tab.

The Format Painter allows you to copy and paste your formatting changes.

Table or Tabs for text alignment

You can use a Table or Tabs to align lists of text, as in a List of Abbreviations. In general, it is easier and quicker to use a table, but if you wish to use tabs take a look at the video linked below.

Tab stops are points along the ruler that you use to align text.  Use Word’s default tab stops or set your own. Use the Tab key on the keyboard to move your cursor to a tab stop.