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This is a place for you to post your questions, share specific challenges you have noticed, or suggest another way we can help students learn algebra.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your Experiences

  1. Hi, I am a master student at University of Western Sydney. I am writing an essay on your website and the papers you submitted to MERGA. I have a question. I love the content and will definitely be using this information in my upcoming practical weeks, but….. your intention with the design-thinking process was to have this as interactive and have teacher provide feedback? I am not able to locate this? is this it be later added ? It would be good to see what has been contributed since the go live in June.

    thanks in advance,


    • Hi Joanne
      I’m really pleased you are making use of the material. So far you are the first person to post! We are continuing to publicise the website in a variety of ways and really hope that people will interact with it.

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