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Who are we?

From University of Otago College of Education: Chris Linsell, Lynn Tozer and Megan Anakin

Chris Linsell – Senior lecturer in mathematics and project leader is also pirate captain of the Blueskin Shepherd and has been spotted acting in zombie movies.

Lynn Tozer – Teacher and writer to help educators and their kids learn more about maths, lover of time spent with the important people in life, green growing things, books about politics and economics, travel adventures, and a connoisseur indelibly good memories.

Megan Anakin – PhD candidate in mathematics education. She can be found riding her bicycle on the Otago peninsula while she ponders the mysteries of how students learn to decipher and use mathematics notation.

From King’s High School: Eric McAuslan and Garry Turner

Eric McAuslan – HoD Mathematics, Kings High School. I have taught Mathematics to all levels of at a number of South Island secondary schools for the past 30 odd years. I was involved with Chris and others in an earlier TLRI project that helped develop the diagnostic tests we have been using in this TLRI project. I am very involved in cricket at Kings. I like to spend time with my family and play golf.

Garry Turner – Teacher of Mathematics, founding member of “The Dead Mathematician’s Society”, and a self confessed Mathemartist. Interested in Modular Origami and Longboard Skateboarding. (http://wikieducator.org/User:Leibniz)

From St Hilda’s Collegiate School: Anna Cox, Donna Smith and Rachel Jones

Anna Cox – Spends the summer surfing with dolphins and the winter skiing off cliffs – but manages to function as HoD Mathematics and to fit in a bit of teaching most days! She also has a low centre of gravity and powerful thighs.

Donna Smith – Teaches Sh’bam to the beautiful people at Les Mills, and teaches Mathematics, English and Social Studies to the even more beautiful at St Hilda’s.

Rachel Jones – Looks after us all, keeping us sane and organised. She is the Camp Mother of the Mathematics Department.

Where can more information about the Teaching Algebra Conceptually in Years 9 and 10 be found?

More information about the research project can be found at the TLRI website.


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