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The annual Metagenomics Summer School

September 5, 2023 – September 8, 2023 all-day
University of Auckland City Campus
Jian Sheng Boey

The Environmental Microbiomes team at Genomics Aotearoa is hosting the annual Metagenomics Summer School once more.

This practical, hands-on workshop focuses on prokaryotic metagenomics. It aims to guide learners through the process of analysing metagenomic sequence data, from metagenomic read sequences to curated metagenome-assembled genomes paired with downstream data analyses and visualisation in R. It also includes the following lessons:

Introduction to Bash shell and scripting (pre-workshop session)
Pragmatic considerations during experiment/sampling planning and decision-making (e.g., how much sequence data do I need? What are the approaches to analysing the data I have?)
Best practices in handling and processing metagenomic data
Viral genome prediction from metagenomic assemblies

This in-person workshop will be held at the University of Auckland, City Campus, from 5th to 8th September 2023. See our Metagenomics Summer School poster.

We invite learners of all bioinformatics skill levels to register their interest here.

Jian Sheng Boey
Genomics Aotearoa Bioinformatics Training Coordinator

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