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Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor Julia Horsfield

August 24, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Archway 1 Lecture Theatre,
Union St East
Bailey McLean
+64 3 479 4875

The circle of life: connecting cell division with cell fate

About Professor Horsfield’s research

Julia’s current research originates from her fascination with how cells ‘decide’ what they are going to be in a growing, developing embryo. At the University of Otago, Julia started working on Cohesin, a protein that connects cell division with cell fate decisions. Cohesin controls chromosome segregation during cell division, and it also organises the DNA of non-dividing cells to select genes for expression. Using zebrafish, Julia’s group determined how mutation of Cohesin contributes to human developmental disorders, the “Cohesinopathies”.

Her group also studies how genes first come to be switched on in the embryo by Cohesin-mediated chromatin structure. She was the first to show that mutations in Cohesin may be linked with leukaemia; a finding later confirmed by cancer genome sequencing projects. Her recent work focuses on the mechanism of Cohesin’s contribution to leukaemia, including the sensitivity of Cohesin-mutant cancers to specific drugs.

This lecture will be followed by light refreshments, tea, coffee & juice.

Streaming information for Professor Julia Horsfield’s IPL

This event will be live-streamed, from 5:25pm Tuesday 24 August 2021, at the following web address:

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