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How can workplaces respond to an ageing workforce?

I have just watched a video “How to cope with an ageing planet?” on the Al Jazerra news website. An interesting statistic was by 2050 22% of the worlds population will be over 60. One of the discussants made the point that we will have a much more agile and mentally fit [over 60’s] population that are keen to work to a large extent.

There are all sorts of social, economic and political issues that encompass the nature of ‘work’ for an ageing population. How will this affect the way we think about and undertake ‘work’. What are the consequences of workplace process, policy and practice? Does it change the way the different generations develop their career options? Does it change the way we need to be educated?

Considerations that are important for me (someone in her 40’s), will be very different for a young person in their 20’s. What thoughts does the idea of working longer raise for you?



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