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Work of the Future

What will work look like in the future?

He rangi tā Matawhāiti, he rangi tā Matawhānui.
The person with a narrow vision sees a narrow horizon, the person with a wide vision sees a wide horizon.

Thinking into the future of the economy, society and the world at large is a must for business, government and society. Given the seemingly insurmountable array of issues and perspectives that exist, how do businesses move forward in a productive and sensible way? What priorities should they be focusing on to better prepare themselves and our communities for an uncertain future? The answers to these questions are complex and tread murky and often times emotional ground. The imagination can run rampant, the answers can appear over-whelming, and one can avoid thinking about how the world of work will look in 2030, 2060, and beyond.

This study began in 2012 with a quest to examine future scenarios for the business environment in Dunedin. We now have funding to examine more futures – that of ICT in Dunedin and High Value Manufacturing (HVM) nationwide.

We would like to thank all of our participants in this research and sharing their thoughts, aspirations and even their fears. It is only through the generosity of spirit shown by our participants that has made this project possible and enabled us to carry out this research.

Sara Walton, Paula O’Kane, Diane Ruwhiu, Virginia Cathro, Richard Greatbanks

Work of the Future Research Group

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  1. We are preparing for a disruptive future – business models and the types of businesses will change – however the need for problem-solvers will not…understanding and executing evolving processes and system in context of human needs will be essential.


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