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Special Issue of Climate Policy Journal

Call for Papers 

Special Issue intended for publication in Climate Policy on Climate Finance in Asia and Australasia

Sustainable finance and managing climate risk are becoming two of the most important issues facing investors and financial regulators. The IPCC notes that limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires annual average investment of around US$ 2.4 trillion. Climate risks to the financial system are profound and can be understood through Mark Carney’s taxonomy of physical, transition and liability risks.

The financial risks and opportunities associated with climate change are particularly acute in Asia and Australasia. The region is highly vulnerable to climate change related natural disasters. Further, in meeting the demand of growing populations and economic growth, governments in the region have tended to lag other parts of the world (with notable exceptions, such as the Peoples Republic of China). It is in this context that we welcome submission to this Special Issue intended for publication in Climate Policy.

See the full Special Issue Call for the list of topics and writing approaches.

Special Issue Submission Procedure: Please submit papers to one of the Associated Events below, indicating an interest in the Special Issue. Selected papers presented at the two Associated Events will be invited by the Guest Editors, in consultation with the Editors, to submit to the Special Issue.

Associate Events

Special Issue Editors

Ivan Diaz-Rainey, Director, CEFGroup, University of Otago

Mai Hoai Bui, Dean, School of Public Finance, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Caldecott, Director, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme, University of Oxford

Ulrich Volz, Director SOAS Centre for Sustainable Finance, SOAS University of London

Yao Wang, Director, International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF), CUFE