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We are interested in what inspires young people (aged 18-29-ish) to join others to create social change. We are working with six groups, which have agreed to be named: ActionStation, Generation Zero, InsideOUT, JustSpeak, Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) and Thursdays in Black. These groups are all working to create social change by insisting that indigenous land rights are honoured, influencing policies for a zero carbon future, challenging sexual violence and gender-based harassment, rethinking gender and sexuality and what counts as ‘justice’, and addressing social inequalities in Aotearoa.

We have interviewed members of all these groups about their activist histories – what inspired them to join groups to create social change and what keeps them involved, how their background has shaped their politics, and their views on what kinds of action creates change. We have also spent time with all our groups, attending hui, going to campaigns and events, following their social media and diverse ways they communicate with wider society.

This will be the second year of the research and we are keen to collect each group’s vision for change here on this website, if our groups are willing for this to happen. So watch this space…

Further information is available in our Activists project-Info


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