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Welcome to my research blog, set up to record and share what I am learning as I conduct research with members of Time Banks around New Zealand. I hope you will find the information and resources that I upload here to be useful and informative. I will be updating this regularly, so check back regularly to catch up on the latest posts! Ngā mihi nui, nā Emma.

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    • Hi Miriam!
      Thank-you for this request made so long ago and thus far unanswered! I struggled to find a way to keep up with the lists of contact details for new Timebanks around the country that were rapidly growing last year – I had initially thought to keep a link and some information for each Timebank on my blog, but that soon seemed to be an unnecessary double up (alongside the work I was doing at the time to help out with the content for the new TBANZ site). I have just created a new page on ‘New Zealand Timebanks’ and you’ll see that there are now finally links to the two lists available on the other sites, and a brief comment about the rapid growth of Timebanks around New Zealand that we have seen in the last year or so. There is also a link to the Otaki Timebank website, as Otaki was one of the Timebanks that I found out about at the start of my research last year, when there were only six active Timebanks in the country. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog and post your comment, I really appreciate it, and I hope you are all well in Otaki lately!
      Kind regards,

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