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I have chosen a few images for the header to represent some of the key concepts behind Time Banking. The coffee cups represent the companionship and caring that is often mentioned in connection with Time Banking (it’s about more than just ‘getting the job done’ and you can also earn Time Credits / Time Dollars by providing companionship), and the symbol in the middle signifies reciprocity, which is one of the five core values of Time Banking. At the far right, the spiral clock represents the ‘endless’ nature of time, our infinite shared resource, and the new ways of thinking about time that Time Banking encourages. Of course what is missing from these pictures is people, and community! Which is what it’s all about in the end. However, I think these images will do fine for now. I found the pictures using a google image search, please follow the links within this paragraph to find the websites that I sourced the images from.

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