Dunedin TimeBank

Friday, September 23rd, 2011 | EMMA MCGUIRK | No Comments

Our brand new, emerging TimeBank in Dunedin is gaining momentum. Recently, the Malcam Trust have offered to umbrella us, we have had one meeting so far on their premises and look forward to further developing this exciting relationship. We have also been very fortunate to receive on-going support from Volunteering Otago. We have been putting the word out through our own networks and at our last meeting we formed a Steering Committee of 12 members. Peter has kindly created a brochure for us already (with our thanks going out to the Lyttelton, Otaki and Taita Time Banks for their previous work) and this has been very useful for communicating the concept. We have stated on the brochure that as we’re still getting established it is not possible to join the TimeBank at this stage, however we welcome any offers of support towards the work that we are doing to set one up. We have made appearances at a few public events, the Moving Planet 350.org day held at Dunedin North Intermediate, at a separate event run by the Malcam Trust, and tonight (Thursday 13th October) we will be speaking at Fronting Up to Our Deteriorating World – a public meeting being held here in Dunedin to discuss issues of concern, and practical solutions, around three broad themes: Energy, Economics and Community. At this event we’ll be talking about both the Dunedin TimeBank, and Fleeing Vesuvius – the exciting new publication from Living Economies. Our main focus in attending these events, at this early stage, is to find extra keen volunteers who are able to help us get set up, and just to generally ‘get the word out’ so that when we do launch (hopefully March or April 2012) there will be a few more people around town who are familiar with the idea. We are also really excited about the upcoming hui in Lyttleton this weekend, which looks sure to be an amazing event.

If you’d like to find out more or get involved with setting up the Dunedin TimeBank, contact Peter McDonald on 03 473 1681, or 027 379 4388. Or via email: dunedintimebank@gmail.com, and we also have a google group.