NZ’s Smart Use of Big Data: Employment & Income Impacts of Selected Health Conditions

Monday, March 14th, 2016 | Kate Sloane | No Comments

Prof Nick Wilson, Dr George Disney, Prof Tony Blakely

Word Cloud "Big Data"New Zealand is making rapid strides in the smart use of big data to provide better health information for decision-makers. Here we look at a recent output: a Treasury Working Paper that considers the employment and income effects of eight health conditions. Such information could ultimately inform the best use of resources for disease prevention and treatment interventions from a societal perspective.

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Does change in income and deprivation change your smoking risk? Yes, but in different directions.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 | TONY BLAKELY | 5 Comments

Professor Tony Blakely

Everyone knows that lower socioeconomic groups are more likely to smoke.  But why?  Is it because of things like less education or more deprivation actually causing you to smoke?  Or is it other correlated things like personality?  The answer to these questions matter, both for tobacco control policy and political debate.  Moreover, not all is as you might expect, and it differs for deprivation and income. Continue reading