Subsequent Injury Study (SInS)

Subsequent Injury Study (SInS): Improving outcomes for injured New Zealanders

Project Team: Sarah Derrett, Helen Harcombe, Emma WyethGabrielle Davie.

Associate Investigators: Ari SamaranayakaSue Wilson, Trudy Sullivan.

Funding: Health Research Council of New Zealand (2015-2018).

Subsequent injury (SI; sometimes referred to re-injury or being ‘accident prone’) is a major contributor to the global injury disability burden. Last year, New Zealand’s injury insurer (ACC) spent $2.9 billion and received 1.8 million injury claims. Our prior analyses indicate 28 per cent of these may be SI. The Subsequent Injury Study (SInS) aims to contribute to improved outcomes for individuals and populations by identifying: modifiable risk factors predicting ACC-reported SI (ACC-SI); participation, health and disability outcomes; and costs following ACC-SI, as necessary first steps towards developing interventions for injured populations. SInS will leverage the wealth of information already-collected from our earlier Prospective Outcomes of Injury Study (POIS; n=2856 including 566 Māori) through linkage with 1) ACC data about ACC-SI for two years following an initial injury, and 2) the National Minimum Dataset of hospital discharges for SI – providing a unique opportunity to address a clear gap in knowledge.


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