Sue Wilson

Sue joined the Injury Prevention Research Unit in 2005, initially to work on a project with Peter Davidson investigating the properties of playground surfaces and the biomechanics of arm impact injuries in children. Prior to this, she had worked in physiological and biochemical research areas for several years after completing a Master of Science in physiology.

Most of Sue’s research is now with the Prospective Outcomes of Injury Study (lead by Sarah Derrett), a large longitudinal cohort study of injured people in New Zealand which aims to identify individual and injury characteristics which assist or slow recovery. She also works on a forensic biomechanics project (lead by Peter Davidson and in collaboration with ESR) to model the generation of ballistic backspatter; backspatter is biological material expelled backwards through the bullet entry hole, the distribution of which potentially can be used as evidence of criminal involvement.


Phone: +64 3 479-7202

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