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Parental experience helps future generations handle adverse environments

Genetics Otago Member and lead authour Dr Sheri Johnson along with her team, have found that zebrafish fathers who were exposed to low oxygen levels in water passed information on to their offspring to help them cope in such conditions.

Find out more via the University of Otago News.

Publication details:

Paternal hypoxia exposure primes offspring for increased hypoxia resistance.

Alexandria Ragsdale, Oscar Ortega Recalde, Ludovic Dutoit, Anne A. Besson, Jolyn H. Z. Chia, Tania King, Shinichi Nakagawa, Anthony Hickey, Neil J. Gemmell, Timothy Hore and Sheri L. Johnson

BMC Biology

DOI: 10.1186/s12915-022-01389-x

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