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Genetics Otago researchers receive over $8 million in HRC funding

10 Genetics Otago members have collectively gained over $8 million in Health Research Council funding as lead and co-investigators in 2022 projects:

  • Associate Professor Keith Ireton (General Project Grant), ‘Role of polarized exocytosis in infection of host cells by pathogenic E. Coli’, $1,199,984.
  • Dr Matthew McNeil (General Project Grant), ‘Targeting metabolic dysregulation to eradicate drug resistant M. Tuberculosis’, $1,199,544.
  • Professor Stephen Robertson (Dr Laura Gumy & Associate Professor Phillip Wilcox CI’s)(General Project Grant), ‘Bringing precision to the diagnosis of complex neurodevelopmental disorders’, $1,199,831.
  • Associate Professor Logan Walker (Dr Vanessa Lau CI) (General Project Grant), ‘Improving genetic health through RNA diagnostics’, $1,190,889.
  • Associate Professor Michael Black (CI) (General Project Grant), ‘A single-cell transcriptomic approach to gastric cancer heterogeneity’, $1,199,413.
  • Professor Julia Horsfield (CI) (General Project Grant), ‘WNT signalling – a matter of degradation’, $1,199,533.
  • Dr Allamanda Faatoese (CI) (General Project Grant), ‘Understanding the impact of ruralityon health outcomes and healthcare delivery’, $1,199,916.

Read more on the University of Otago Bulletin Board.

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