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July 14, 2018 @ 1:42 am – July 28, 2018 @ 2:42 am
IPG Batu Lintang Kuching and Sebuyau

17 July – Dinner at Sarawak Club (you and your team’s favourite restaurant…if I remember correctly!)


18th July

– Hands – on workshop on ‘Teaching of Science – The Fun Way’ facilitated by the Otago team.

Target audience : 40 student-teachers from the 4 IPGs in Sarawak (majority Science major and  10 – 15 majoring in TESL) and some 15 – 20 lecturers from the 4 IPGs. Venue: IPG Batu Lintang


Request : for the workshops to be a sort of TOT – preferably for the activities that your team are going to carry out in schools that week. That way, they can also assist in facilitating the activities.


19th July

Hands – on workshop with parents facilitated by Otago team. The main objective is to spark interest among parents on the science of our surroundings (if there is such a thing…). The idea is to increase their awareness on science and hope that this will in turn get them to be more involved in their children’s learning.


Running concurrently with the workshop for parents will be the workshop for the primary school teachers and pupils. As it is rather exam oriented, the workshop will be facilitated by our lecturers and some school teachers.


Venue : IPG Batu Lintang


20th July

Science demonstrations for primary school pupils and teachers (the whole school is expected to partcipate). They will watch science experiments demonstrations by the Otago team. Probably about 2 hours


Venue: SK Batu Lintang (the school is just next door)


24th July

SMK Muara Tuang – your team will decide what you want to do with them this year (they are REALLY looking forward to meeting your team again!)


25th July

SMK Sebuyau – the same school we went to last year. Again this will be lab sessions with the secondary school students and their teachers like what we did last time. This time we will be bringing along our student teachers and lecturers to assist in the workshops (hence the workshop on 18th).The school is planning for a river cruise and will most likely invite a local dignitary to officiate the event. We will spend one night at the school.


0630 – 0800 – journey to the school

0830 – 1000 – discussion with teachers and school head, lab set up etc


1025 – 1200 – 5 lab sessions running concurrently facilitated by Otago team

Room 1 – 13 year olds (general science for Rooms 1 – 3)

Room 2 – 14 year olds

Room 3 – 15 year olds

Room 4 – 16 year olds (focus on Chemistry/Physics)

Room 5 – 17 year olds (focus on Chemistry and Physics)


1200 – 1330 – Unpacking the previous session facilitated by IPGKBL lecturers and Otago team

1430 onwards – river cruise and longhouse visit



0830 – 1030 – Ceremonial event officiated by a local dignitary and a science demonstration by Otago team for the whole school



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