“Letterpress Heterodoxy: Making Books and Studying the Book among the Liberal Arts”

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Picture of Carol NeelThe Centre for the Book is pleased to have the opportunity to hear from Prof. Carol Neel about her extensive experience with books and a teaching press at Colorado College, where she is a professor of History.  A European medievalist, she has published chiefly in the history of spiritual and family life.  Neel’s interest in medieval manuscripts has led to a long relationship with her institution’s limited edition studio, the Press at Colorado College. Her talk for the Centre for the Book will address the making of books as an interdisciplinary teaching tool.

Carol’s talk will take place on Thursday, 16 April at 5:15 pm in Cen3 of the Central Library, University of Otago.  Drinks and nibbles will be served.  We hope you can join us.

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