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Jürgen Wegner

Jürgen Wegner, retired from a career as a cataloguer at the University of Sydney, now devotes his time to preserving printing trade heritage and publicising events and discoveries through NfB, or, The News from Brandywine. He describes his activities here:

What happens when a large body of printed matter is not published (or near- or semi-published) and not supplied-the so-called grey literature? The printed “publications” issued by the printing trades are more akin to manuscript material and require special steps to be collected and so preserved for future researchers. With most of the material published by the printing trades almost none of it survives even in a single copy. The past fifty years have seen a revolution in printing: from paper to digital. No-one has sought to document this millennial change. Thousands of books, pamphlets and serials have been produced by the printing trades, used and then almost without exception binned. Our printing history is now largely a history of absence.

So I started a project to collect and preserve such material for the future-to the extent that one individual working alone can. It was intended to be-to become-an archive on the history of books and printing. Industry publications as well as commercially published works from Australia and New Zealand as well as internationally are collected with the aim of establishing such an archive. As part of this project, a large number of “publications” have been produced. Also issued in near- or semi-published form in tribute to the subject collected. Most have been bibliographies on books and printing but there are also a number of series including newsletters to publicise and promote an interest in books and printing in Australia and New Zealand. These include:

1. Annual bibliography of books and printing in Australia and New Zealand, 4 (2008) +

2. Brandywine, issue 1 (1990)-issue 5 (1992). A journal on books and printing especially Australian private presses.

3. Brandywine bibliography, 1 (1981) + . An irregular series of specialist bibliographies – some of them ongoing – on the subject of books and printing.

4. Brandywine documents on the history, 1 (1980) + . An irregular series of pamphlet facsimiles on the subject of books and printing.

5. Brandywine keepsake, 1979-1990. An annual series of pamphlet keepsakes for friends on the subject of books and printing.

6. Directory of company histories of the book industries, Lieferung 1 (1981) +. An irregular bibliography of international jubilee histories from the “book industries”.

7. NfB, or, The news from Brandywine, #1 (July 2011) + . A monthly digital newsletter. Copies are archived by the National Library of New Zealand’s National Digital Heritage Archive at:

8. The shadow-land, #1 (2000) + . A now bi-monthly journal largely on the subject of books and printing in Australia and New Zealand. Title has varied.

9. The shadowland papers, #1 (2007) + . A series of occasional papers on the subject of books and printing, chiefly on Australia and New Zealand.

10. Typographica, 1/2 (1983) + . An international bibliography of type specimen books held in the archive.

One thought on “Jürgen Wegner

  1. Lieber Jürgen,
    wie schön, dass du alle Buch- und Druckmuseen in Deutschland auflistest. Ich las gerade deinen Eintrag auf unserer Website, schon aus dem Juli stammend. Hier mal eine schöne Seite des rührigen Vereins für die Schwarze Kunst e.V., die dir auch noch weitere bescheren kann:
    Wenn du vergrößerst, bekommst du Namen, Anschrift bzw. Details zu jedem Pin auf der Landkarte angezeigt.
    Lass uns im Kontakt bleiben!
    Renate Gerstel, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit für unsere Bleilaus (= Erlebniswerkstatt Buchdruck-Museum Soltau e.V.)

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