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Pre-2021 Events

CEFGroup hosts research seminars, related practitioner presentations and academic visitations.


Dr Pia Helbing, University of Leeds, UK (December, 2019)

Dr Matthew McCarten, University of Oxford, UK (September – October 2019)

James Miller, NZX | ACC | Mercury Energy | Refining NZ, NZ (September 2019)

Associate Professor Yue Li, University of Toronto, Canada (March 2019)

Antonio Márquez, University of Seville, Spain (February-May 2019)


Professor Tom Smith, Macquarie University, Australia (2019)

Dr Stephen Poletti, University of Auckland, NZ (2019)

Peter Barnett, ClientEarth, UK (2018)

Associate Professor Toby Daglish, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ (2017)