Welcome to the Atmosphere and Climate group home page. The research team is lead by Associate Professor Annika Seppälä – see here for current and past members.

We do research on atmospheric ozone, Solar influence on the atmosphere, impacts of energetic particles/aurora on the polar regions, chemical-dynamical coupling in the atmosphere, and how this all links to our climate. Our work is computationally intensive and we use satellite data as well as climate simulations to investigate the complex system that is the Earth’s atmosphere. Check out our recent publications.

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What is going on with Antarctic Ozone? Here are links to some recent observations: 
Ozone hole area
Area of the Antarctic ozone hole in 2023. Source: Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme. Check out the Copernicus page below for further information!

NASA ozone watch.
Copernicus ozone page.