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Delegated Financial Authority Form

The Delegated Financial Authority (DFA) Form is used to request delegated financial authority for purchasing in Unimarket for yourself or for another user. Delegated financial authority granted via this form will help build approval workflows within Unimarket.

An updated version of the form was released on 5 July 2023.  The new version has lookup fields that allow you to select the GL and/or PL accounts you are requesting DFA over.  You can also select a Principal Investigator, which will grant you DFA over all of their PL accounts.

The approver of the DFA form will be automatically populated based on which accounts you select.

Please use the link below to access the DFA form:

Delegated Financial Authority form

Please note that anyone granted delegated financial authority via this form will be put into the approval chains for the accounts specified in the form. 

All delegations for cost centre heads, PVCs, DVCs, Directors, Deans, and PIs have been built into Unimarket so the form will not need to be completed by them for their own accounts.

Trade Services staff from Property Services have had delegations built into Unimarket.

A finance advisory budget check for purchases of $5000 and above is also built into all approval chains for purchases within Unimarket.

Outside of these specific situations, delegations will not be carried across into Unimarket so staff will need to complete the DFA form to build these delegations.

Delegated authority can be granted by Cost Centre Heads for GL and S accounts.

Delegated authority can be granted by Principal Investigators for P, Q, R & E accounts.

These delegations can either be set by the Cost Centre Head or PI completing the form for their staff, or their staff can complete it themselves and assign the appropriate Cost Centre Head or PI as the approver.

All DFA requests must be approved by the relevant cost centre head or PI. Approvals of DFA forms cannot be delegated down. For example, a completed DFA form does not allow a person who has been granted DFA access to then approve DFA requests over that account for other users. The spreadsheet below lists the correct approver for each cost centre for GL account DFA form requests.

A form can only be completed for one approver at a time. A single form can be used to grant access to multiple cost centres with the same approver, multiple activity centres within a cost centre, and to multiple accounts against a single PI.

If a staff member requires access to multiple cost centres or accounts for different PIs, a new form will need to be completed for each they require access for.

As noted above, the updated version of the DFA will automatically select the appropriate approver for DFA requests. Approvers will receive an email notification when they have a request to approve.

Please note that if the DFA form is not completed, purchase requests can still be submitted and actioned, but all approvals for purchasing will be sent to the Cost Centre Head or PI for the account used.  .