Evaluation of Campus Watch

Campus Watch, a community-based initiative implemented by the University of Otago, was started in 2007 to improve the safety of the North Dunedin area by reducing alcohol-related harm and social disorder. This evaluation, which includes process, impact and outcome measures, compares the programme implementation area (North Dunedin) with similar high-risk communities across the country (other university campus areas), as well as with South Dunedin, a non-student area. Surveys of North Dunedin residents and businesses and South Dunedin residents were conducted in 2008 and repeated in 2009.

To determine:
– How the initiative has been implemented;
– What the mechanisms are by which the initiative has affected the behaviour of individuals and the safety of the community as a whole; and
– What impact the initiative has had on specific outcome variables of alcohol-related harm and social disorder.

Project Team: Kimberly Cousins, Jennie Connor, Kypros Kypri

Funding: Accident Compensation Corporation PhD scholarship (Kimberley Cousins); National Drug Policy Discretionary Fund, Interagency Committee on Drug Policy; Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand

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