N.B. Regular funding to produce factsheets ended in 2007. That said, some factsheets have been produced more recently.

45 Causes of Injury by Age (replaces #42) Jun 2019
44 Work-related Road Traffic Fatalities 1999-2014 Jun 2019
43 Injury as a leading cause of death and hospitalisation Dec 2018
42 Causes of injury by age Nov 2012
41 Driving Experience Among Newly Licensed Māori Drivers
40 Child injury: deaths and hospitalisations
39 Causes of injury by age
38 Injury as a leading cause of death and hospitalisation
37 Pyramids of Injury
36 A “Shapshot” of Traffic Crash Injuries
35 Hospitalised Falls
34 Reliability of Hospital Inpatient Injury Coding
33 Self harm by poisoning
32 Unintentional poisonings in children
31 Trends in car, bus, truck and van traffic injuries
30 Trends in motorcycle traffic injuries
29 Injury Causes by Age
28 Drowning-Related Deaths in New Zealand 1989-1998
27 Injuries in the Home to Children Aged 0-4 Years
26 Trends in Pedestrian Injury
25 Trends in Cyclist Injury
24 Injuries in Relation to Other Health Problems
23 Unintentional Injury: Age and Gender
22 Injury to Children in N.Z. Resulting in Death or Hospitalisation
21 Trends in Thermal Injury
20 Long Term Impact of Injury
19 Suicide
18 Trends in Non-Fatal Injury
17 Trends in Fatal Injury
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