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Journal articles

This page profiles various journal articles published by He Kaupapa Hononga members.


Warmer winters will mess with marine communities

Clark, N.J., Kerry, J.T. & Fraser, C.I. Rapid winter warming could disrupt coastal marine fish community structure. Nat. Clim. Chang. (2020).

Winter warming is often overlooked when considering the impacts of climate change and researchers have turned to social media-inspired models to address this gap in scientific knowledge.

University of Otago researcher Associate Professor Ceridwen Fraser was part of an international team that used network modelling to identify the significant impacts of warming seas on the world’s fisheries. read more…


Decarbonising the tourism sector

Sun, Y. Y., Lin, P. C., & Higham, J. (2020). Managing tourism emissions through optimizing the tourism demand mix: Concept and analysis. Tourism Management, 81(May), 104161.

Currently, there are two avenues to feasibly mitigate carbon emissions from the tourism sector; improving the eco-efficiency of tourism business (e.g. increasing numbers of electric vehicles or developing more sustainable accommodation options) and fostering sustainable travel practices (e.g. encouraging travel closer to home, the use of non-motorised transport, or taking longer, less frequent trips, etc.). James Higham of the University of Otago’s Department of Tourism, along with Ya-Yen Sun and Pei-Chun Lin of the University of Queensland and National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, respectively, investigate an alternative solution. read more…