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Useful Links




  • Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies – University of Maine
    The University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, Maine’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service, is a partnership of people that brings together the resources of the community and the University to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Center for Human Development University of Alaska Anchorage
    Mission: To improve the quality of lives of Alaskans with disabilities and their families through interdisciplinary education, community service, research, and information dissemination.
  • Centre for Disability Research – Lancaster University
    The Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) is a specialist research grouping that promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research and research-led teaching about disability.
  • Centre for Disability Research and Policy – The University of Sydney
    Our centre aims to change the disadvantage that occurs for people with disabilities. We do this through addressing their social and economic participation in society, and their health and wellbeing. By focusing on data that demonstrates disadvantage, we can develop models of policy and practice to better enable support and opportunity for people with disabilities.
  • Children’s Issues Centre – The University of Otago
    Since the Children’s Issues Centre’s establishment in 1995 we have undertaken high quality research, teaching and advocacy relating to children’s development, well-being and rights. Applied research is one of the Centre’s key activities and we are committed to the dissemination and application of our findings to promote child-centred approaches to policy and practice.
  • College of Education – The University of Otago

    The University of Otago College of Education is dedicated to the enhancement of educational practice through high quality teaching, scholarship, research, professional leadership and community service, to benefit children, other learners, educators and the wider community (in local, national and international settings).


  • Disability – New York Times
    Disability is a weekly series of essays, art and opinion by and about people living with disabilities.
  • Disability Information and Support – The University of Otago
    If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support can help you.
  • Disability Research Centre – Goldsmiths University of London
    Promoting and conducting high quality research about disability in society.
  • Disability Studies – Syracuse University
    The Disability Studies Program @ Syracuse University builds on the pioneering work in the SU School of Education in the area of disability. The program is designed to help students examine disability as a social, cultural, and political phenomenon. Consistent with the Syracuse tradition, this program stands at the forefront of the development of the theoretical, research, educational, and advocacy models necessary to remove the social, legal, physical, policy, and attitudinal barriers that exclude people with disabilities.
  • Disability Studies Initiative – Emory University
    The Disability Studies Initiative at Emory is a working group generated across departments and schools that is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and teaching by faculty and students. The Initiative is led by a group of faculty and students who are interested in the social, cultural, historical, political, and legal dimensions of disability in our world. Our mission is to promote the growth and increase the profile of Disability Studies at Emory University.
  • Disabled Persons Assembly NZ
    To ensure your voice is heard, and to advance your aspirations, we work with and help you work with: government, your local community, the general public the media, and disability service providers.
  • Discrimination and Disadvantage
    Dialogues on Disability is designed to provide a public venue for discussion with disabled philosophers about a range of topics, including their philosophical work on disability; the place of philosophy of disability vis-à-vis the discipline and profession; their experiences of institutional discrimination and personal prejudice in philosophy, in particular, and in academia, more generally; resistance to ableism; accessibility; and anti-oppressive pedagogy.
  • Donald Beasley Institute
    The Donald Beasley Institute is helping to promote research and education in the field of intellectual disability.


  • Equity through Education 
    We are a community of researchers across professions who work with communities to ensure equity in the education sector for all members of society through educational change. Our aim is to research models and methods for educational change with communities of parents, educators, advocates, learners and researchers both within and outside the formal education sector.




  • Human Rights Commission – People with Disabilities
    The NZ Human Rights Commission works to remove barriers for people with disabilities. Our work focuses on both individual and systemic discrimination. We intend to ensure that inequality is eliminated, the strengths of disabled people of all ages are recognised, disabled people are respected for who they are and can participate fully in all aspects of society.


  • Institute on Disability and Human Development – University of Illinois at Chicago
    The Institute on Disability and Human Development (IDHD) is dedicated to promoting the independence, productivity and inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.
  • International Society of Critical Health Psychology
    Members of the society espouse a variety of theoretical and methodological viewpoints. However, as with other critical psychologists, they share a common dissatisfaction with the positivist assumptions of much of mainstream psychology and its ignorance of broader social and political issues. Instead, they share an interest in various critical ideas (e.g. social constructionism, post-modernism, feminism, marxism, etc.) and various qualitative and participatory methods of research (e.g. discourse analysis, grounded theory, action research, ethnography, etc.) and their relevance to understanding health and illness. Further, they share an awareness of the social, political and cultural dimensions of health and illness (e.g. poverty, racism, sexism, political oppression, etc.) and an active commitment to reducing human suffering and promoting improved quality of life, especially among those sections of society most in need.







  • Office for Disability Issues (NZ)
    The Office for Disability Issues is the focal point within government on disability issues. We promote and monitor implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We report to the Minister for Disability Issues and support the Ministerial Committee on Disability Issues. Through our work, we have close and ongoing engagement with disability sector organisations.
  • Ollibean
    Ollibean is a dynamic community of parents, families and advocates in the disability community working together for a more socially just, accessible and inclusive world.
    Click here for the Facebook page of Ollibean





  • School of Physiotherapy – University of Otago
    The Otago School of Physiotherapy is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and practice. The School is committed to teaching, research, and clinical practice. The primary focus of our work is in the area of assessment, treatment, and prevention of physical dysfunction, and in the promotion of health for people of all ages.


  • The Lucy Foundation
    The Lucy Foundation is committed to empowering people with disabilities by working with local communities to promote education and employment through sustainable, profitable and ethical trade.