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Dr Denise Powell


Dr Denise Powell
Dr Denise Powell is a Senior Lecturer and Endorsement Coordinator for the PGDipSpTch (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) at the University of Canterbury. Her main research interests include inclusive education, focusing in particular on the perspectives of students with a disability in the compulsory and tertiary education sectors; the role of teacher education in facilitating the development of inclusive education in schools and evidence-based practice; early intervention with deaf children and their families; improvements in the provision and effectiveness of educational services for D/deaf students at all levels of education; social participation experiences and life transitions for deaf children and adults across the life span; and human rights issues for disabled people, especially those disabled by accident/injury.

Selected Publications:
Journal Articles

  • Powell, D., Hyde, M. and Punch, R. (2014) Inclusion in Postsecondary Institutions with Small Numbers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students: Highlights and Challenges. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 19(1): 126-140.
  • Powell, D. (2013) Case study of two sign language interpreters working in post-secondary education in New Zealand.International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 25(3): 8pp.
  • Hale, L., van der Meer, J., Rutherford, G., Clay, L., Janssen, J. and Powell, D. (2013) Exploring the integration of disability awareness in tertiary teaching and learning activities. Journal of Education and Learning 2(1): 147-157.

Theses – Educational Doctorate

  • Powell, D.R.A. (2011) Floating in the mainstream: New Zealand deaf students’ learning and social participation experiences in tertiary education. EdD, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Conference Contribution – Other – Full conference papers

  • Powell, D.R.A. (2013) “You have to be more responsible and independent when you go to university” Academic readiness and transition to tertiary study. Brisbane, Australia: RIDBC Renwick Centre Research Symposium, 3-4 Jul 2013.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2013) Deaf Students’ Issues and Challenges Within Tertiary Education. What can we Learn? Wellington, New Zealand: Deaf View 3 Conference, 8-10 Mar 2013.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2013) Learning and Participation Experiences of Deaf Students within New Zealand Tertiary Institutions.Brisbane, Australia: The National Association of Australian Teachers of the Deaf (ANZCED) 2013: Sailing Ahead Towards a Bright Future, 5-7 Jul 2013.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2012) Rehabilitation, Vocational Independence and Independent Assessors: Preliminary Results from Acclaim Otago Survey. Wellington, New Zealand: ACC: A Brighter Future, 29th October.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2011) Learning and Social Participation Experiences of Deaf Students in New Zealand Tertiary Institutions.Dunedin, New Zealand: Every Body In Disability Studies Conference, 27-30 November.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2010) Identifying Deaf Students’ Learning and Participation Experiences Within New Zealand Tertiary Institutions. Vancouver, Canada: International Conference for Educators of the Deaf (ICED) 2010, 18-24 July.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2010) Who Cares about the Glass Ceiling When You Can’t Get Through the Front Door? Women, Disability and Employment. Wellington, New Zealand: Working Women’s Seminar, 1 May.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2006) Sign Language Interpreters: Working in Tertiary Education in New Zealand. Dunedin, New Zealand: SLIANZ conference, 10-11 July.
  • Powell, D.R.A. (2005) Working successfully with Sign Language Interpreters. Auckland, New Zealand: Disability in Education, 5-6th December.

Conference Contribution – Other – Abstracts

  • Derrett S, Powell D., Hokowhitu B, Langley J. and the Outcomes of Injury Group. (2008) Measuring Disability Outcomes after Injury: What matters most – and to whom? Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand: National Institute of Rehabilitation Research and New Zealand Rehabilitation Association Conference, 16-18th February.

Additional Publications

  • Hyde, M., Nikolaraizi, M., Powell, D. and Stinson, M. (2016) Considering Critical Factors Towards the Inclusion of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Higher Education. In M. Marschark, V. Lampropoulou and E. K. Skordilis (Ed.), Diversity in Deaf Education: in press. London: Oxford University Press.
  • Rutherford, G., Hale, L. and Powell, D. (2015) “We Put a Few Ramps in Here and There, That’s About It”: The Need to Ramp our Minds in Academia. In T. Corcoran, J. White and B. Whitburn (Ed.), Disability Studies: Educating for Inclusion: 137-156. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • Powell, D., van Bysterveldt, A. and Mentis, M. (2015) Learning ‘with, from and about’: An interprofessional community of practice approach to Teacher of the Deaf education. Athens, Greece: 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf, 6-9 Jul 2015.
  • Powell, D.R. (2015) Um: well at school things were a wee bit different. Athens, Greece: 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf, 6-9 Jul 2015.
  • Forster, W.A., Barraclough, T. and Powell, D.R. (2015) Understanding the Problem: An analysis of ACC appeals processes to identify barriers to access to justice for injured New Zealanders. Commissioned by Acclaim Otago. 176pp.
  • Rutherford, G., Hale, L. and Powell, D. (2014) ‘We put a few ramps in here and there, that’s about it:’ The need to ramp our minds in academia. Melbourne, Australia: 14th International Meeting of the Disability Studies in Education Conference, 25-27 Jul 2014.