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Associate Professor Sarah Derrett, MPH PhD

Sarah Derrett photo 2

Associate Professor Sarah Derrett, MPH PhD

Sarah Derrett is an Associate Professor in Public Health (Health Systems and Public Policy) at Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, Dunedin. She leads the Prospective Outcomes of Injury Study and the recent Subsequent Injury Study, both funded by the HRC, which are focused on person-reported outcomes and experiences (including disability) for a group of 2856 injured New Zealanders. She is co-investigator on several other HRC, NHMRC and MAA-funded projects investigating disability, health and well-being as experienced by people. For example, she is a co-investigator on an HRC-funded study with Dr Martin Sullivan from Massey University which has followed a group of people to 30-months post-admission to one of New Zealand’s two spinal units due to SCI (resulting in neurological damage). Currently, the research team are following people to learn about their self-reported outcomes to 8 years post-SCI. Previously she has: been the Director of Health, Disability and Rehabilitation Studies at Massey University (2013-2015) and MBA (Health Executive) programme director at Keele University (UK). While in the UK (2001-2005) she undertook research with parents and families of children with highly-complex neurological conditions. She was the New Zealand 2011-12 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow, based at The University of Chicago (US), undertaking research into care integration. Outside of the university teaching and research environment, Sarah sits on the Executive of Bowel Cancer New Zealand, a national patient and family-led charity, and on the Board of Koputai Lodge Trust, which provides accommodation and support for people with diagnosed mental health conditions.

Selected publications
Refereed Journal Articles

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