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Getting Started for Students

If you simply need to join your class online in Zoom, please see How to join a Zoom meeting – step by step.

Alternatively if you would like to get started with your own Otago Zoom account, so you can invite others to join your Personal Zoom Meeting Room, then please follow the steps below.

Below is a 4 step guide with short instructional videos at the end of each section.

Step 1 – Sign in to your Zoom Account

(NB: You do not need to apply for this first, it will be automatically created the first time you login)

Go to Otago Zoom Sign-in page

Enter your student username, prefixed with “student\” (i.e. student\ormje878) in the first field

Enter your normal student password into the second field

Click “Sign in”

Step 2 – How to invite someone to your Zoom meeting

On your Profile page you will see your Personal Meeting ID

Copy the link and send this to whomever you wish to meet with (you can do this via email, instant messaging, text or even just get them to type the link into their browser if you are talking with them on the phone)

Once they receive the link, they can then simply click on it to join your meeting at an agreed time. You can do the same at that time.

Step 3 – How to install Zoom

The first time you or your invitees click on your Personal Zoom link, Zoom will download.

Once downloaded, click the “Zoom_launcher” file to run and automatically install Zoom.

See below for examples of how this will look in Chrome & Firefox browsers:



Step 4 – Joining audio by computer or phone

The first time you join a Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to select how you wish to connect your audio. In almost all case you will select “Join Audio Conference by Computer”, this will use the default mic & speakers on your computer. Don’t forget to tick the “Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting” option in the bottom left corner first so you can avoid being prompted in future meetings.

Alternatively, if you (or one of your invitees) prefers to join via the phone, then they can select the “Phone Call” tab.

They can then choose the best phone number for the country they are calling in from by using the drop down list of flags.

If they are in the UK for instance and select that number it will be treated as a normal national toll call rather than an international call to New Zealand, which is especially handy for connecting with friends or family members overseas who do not have access to good quality internet or who are not comfortable with using a computer or mobile device.

In the latter situation, the person can even simply dial directly into your Zoom meeting on the phone, without needing to run Zoom on a computer first. Just find the best “local” phone number for them here and send it with your Zoom Personal Meeting ID found on your Zoom profile page (this is the 10 digit number). They will be prompted to enter this meeting ID when they call in.