Teams/units interested in being involved would be committing time and resources from late September to early December.  Below is a brief summary of key dates and events.


  • Nomination of collaborating teams/institutions
  • Development of academic, editorial and documentation framework
  • MOU and formal commitment from participating teams
  • circulation of course outlines/content lists to establish common core


  • division of tasks and roles to participating teams
  • organize teams at each site and assess infrastructure
  • finalize and implement technology plan
  • individual teams begin drafting for assigned area
  • document store of all drafts, notes and materials in preparation for hackathon weekend

November 16-17: hackathon weekend
gearing up for the weekend – follow along at #texthack on
twitter as well as on the blog!

Late NovemberDecember:

  • post-event documentation and collation
  • circulation of hacked manuscript for editing and refinement
  • (first report returned to CC Intl)


  • release of ‘toolkit’ for hackatextbook based on post-event documentation 
  • release of hacked textbook and resources [in time for southern hemisphere s1 uptake]

Late Feb:

  • final report to funding bodies [UO]

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