Outputs and Publications

The nature of the project will create opportunities for two kinds of outputs

1) The Textbook

The textbook is an introductory level communications/media studies textbook, aimed at first year students studying communications or media studies in the Australasian context.  The textbook will be available online, under a CC license, and there is potential for future projects to develop this and other texts as part of a suite of open educational resources.  Teams will be able to claim authorship and help negotiate the specific terms of the CC license.

2) The ‘Cookbook’ [available at OurArchive]

Of equal importance is the procedure that develops out of creating the textbook.  It is a key goal of the project to document the process in such a way so that future teams can replicate/improve on it to produce a variety of open textbook to a high standard.

Future Publications

It is expected that individuals teams may wish to report on their own experiences and ideas that are produced as part of their involvement in the texthack project, whether it be through documentation notes or through referreed publications.

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