Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understanding          DRAFT/SAMPLE COPY ONLY

1.      Parties to the Memorandum:

University:                                          The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Collaborator:   To be added


2.       Research Project Funding Body:        Creative Commons International

3.       Title of Research Project:                   TextHack 2013

4.       Dates of Research Project:            August 6, 2013 – December 1, 2013

5.       University’s Key Staff and Contact Details:

  • Dr Erika Pearson, Project Coordinator

Department of Media, Film and Communication

University of Otago

PO Box 56

Dunedin 9054

Phone: 64 3 479 8680


  • Bernard Madill, Manager/Administrator

Department of Media, Film and Communication

University of OtagoPO Box 56

Dunedin 9054

6.       Collaborator’s Key Staff and Contact Details:  To be added


7.       Description of Project:

This project, supported by a grant from Creative Commons International, plans to bring together a number of institutions with a strong communications/media studies undergraduate program to hack together an introductory textbook that will be made available under a CC-BY license in a digital repository. The goal is to produce the core of a rigorous, regionally-appropriate and useful text, and to document and evaluate the process for future projects in the Humanities.

8.      Brief Description of Research Collaborators Role:

  • Each collaborating team will co-ordinate their academic personnel (staff and postgraduates) to produce their sections of the text, and liaise with their local IT and library support to help them participate in the online planning and progress sessions, as well as the November 16-17th hackathon weekend itself.
  • The text will be the equal responsibility of the collaborating teams, with equal ownership of the final text, under a CC-BY license.
  • Each collaborating team will also record (visual, audio or written) their progress and experience as part of the documentation project, also released under CC-BY.
  • No funds will be paid by the University of Otago to the collaborator

9.         Facilitators (The personnel and groups that make it happen)

Central coordination and administration of the project will be based at the University of Otago including:

  • Central infrastructure to help facilitate communication and collate and store the outputs in an accessible format.
  • An educational technologist.
  • Liaison librarians to help with research,
  • Together these will
    • Manage connectivity between teams, (in concert with local support staff and services),
    • Provide information resources and copyright advice.
    • Make the final text available through its digital repository.

10.       Governance:

This project will be governed by:

  • The collective nature of its process.
  • The MOU and Project Plan will outline each participant’s responsibilities.
  • Management will be by the Steering Group, these being:
    • Erika Pearson, Project Coordinator
    • Bernard Madill, Manager/Administrator

11.       Copyright:

As per the Head Agreement which states:

“all original material produced pursuant to this grant will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license or CCO public domain dedication.”

Any publication (including electronic) referring to or resulting from this grant will acknowledge the support of Creative Commons International. It is a condition of the grant that the finished text, ‘cookbook’ and final report will be released, and publically available, under a CC-BY Attribution 3.0 License or 4.0 License (when released). This license allows for the commercial use of the text so long as attribution is respected.  Full text is contained in:

Signing indicates agreement with the conditions contained in these links.

Any related scholarship participants undertake after completion of this project will be that participants own Intellectual Property.

Signed:                                 ___________________________________                               Date:      ______________

Authorised signatory

of the University of Otago


Signed:                                 ___________________________________                               Date:      ______________

Authorised signatory

of the Collaborator

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