The Weekend Is Almost Upon Us

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And the preparations are gearing up and excitement levels are rising!  Project Manager Bernard has been keeping his own diary of developments over here, but just to recap, we now have several teams across New Zealand and over in Australia taking part in the hack weekend, linking up in the virtual world to hack the book and perhaps even hack the hack itself!  Outlines and ideas on form have been put forward, and great ideas progressed about taking advantage of the electronic, open form of the book to make it more than just a wall of text undistinguishable from any other book except for its license.  Locally, we’re lining up a small army of volunteers to help with editing, indexing the metadata and formatting the content produced by the hack (and to make the tea, very important job!).

There is little left now to do but hack!  We’ll no doubt be updating this blog with new posts, and twitter addicts can follow along @twitter using the #texthack tag.

Next stop, Saturday and the start of the hack!

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