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Te Tumu Seminar Series

Under covid lockdown conditions, the seminars will run on Zoom.  Te Tumu seminars are open to all; please feel free to pass on this information to anyone you think may be interested.  Once we return to Level One, seminars will be held in Te Tumu.

3pm Wednesday, 8 September.

Lachy Paterson, “Periodicals and Proselytising: Māori and religion during the Second World War”.

Lachy will be looking at aspects of Māori religious experiences during the Second World War, coming out of research from the Te Hau Kāinga: Māori Home Front, the Marsden-funded research project headed by Angela Wanhalla and him.

Click on the poster for more information.

You can connect at  and (if needed) the code is 969542.


3pm Wednesday, 29 September.

Paerau Warbrick, “The power of Māori MPs and the fall of (Governor) Grey’s Government in 1879”.

There are many interesting stories relating to Māori parliamentary politics and elections, about which Paerau is an expert.  His interests in this area span from 1868 when the first Māori members sat in the House right up to the present day; with this seminar looking at the Māori contribution to the fall of the Grey Ministry in 1879.

Click on the poster for the full abstract.

The connection is  and the code is 969542.


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