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Let's Talk Business
Otago Business School

Introduction: Going Digital

As society moves into a COVID-19-influenced new-normal the question stands: how are Government agencies, businesses, academic institutions and other organisations embracing the technological changes that are taking place around us, in our lives and in how we work?

How have organisations remained functional during the pandemic, as well as upskilling and improving in a world changing faster and more drastically than predicted?

Many leaders are grappling with the how, when and why of what it means to be “going digital” in 2022.

These questions will serve as the foundation of this year’s edition of the annual Otago Business School publication, “Let’s Talk Business”.

Previously known as “Rebuilding Aotearoa”, the purpose of this publication is to address the challenges and ideas that are currently circulating and relevant to business in New Zealand.

The new name has not been the only change to the publication, as it will now also feature the thoughts and plans of CEOs and other prominent alumni rather than being exclusive to academic commentary.

This change was made to ensure that a variety of voices are heard in the unpackaging of this topic, presenting a more holistic view as to how the nation is tackling digital challenges and offering digital solutions.

From leveraging online technologies to engage with consumers, through to increasing economic prosperity by embracing the digital economy, businesses and academics alike have invested deeply in 2022 to ensure that they too are “going digital.”

You can read more about this in the Otago Bulletin and we trust that you enjoy each of the publications submissions in this digital copy.

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Otago Business School, Professor Robin Gauld.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Otago Business School, Professor Robin Gauld